Study in the US

The US has been a mecca fortechies and research buffs for ages. The opportunities that the US presents for research and entrepreneurship is immense.Some the largest tech companies are headquartered in the US. The Silicon Valley alone houses hundreds of unicorns.

PES associated with many top line universities in the US. The most sought of the programs are in the fields of engineering and management. Candidates prefer to study higher education in the US due to the high quality off teaching and exposure. Candidates normally prefer to pursue a career in the US post to the studies.

Universities in the US prefer to hire candidates very good academic background and excellent communication skills. The entry process usually requires the candidate write a statement of purpose, provide referrals and clearly indicate why the candidate is interested in pursuing that stream of education.

PES provides candidates with assistance to apply to the universities in such a manner that all processes are adhered to. We also provide assistance in applying for the visa in conjunction with the university.